Forget all about outdated traditional brand guidelines, and meet your Brand Book, containing your brand DNA and strategic roadmap

The Brand Book is a user-friendly manual designed to aid brands as they navigate through today's competitive markets.

Landscape Assessment

We start out by surveying every aspect that impacts your brand, from within it to beyond it, allowing us to identify the needs and opportunities.

Brand Differentiator

What sets you apart from the crowd? This is what we determine, using our own series of brand-building tools to identify your brand’s personality, vision and drivers. Your brand differentiator then becomes your roadmap for the way your brand communicates and behaves from here on, both internally and externally.

With our brand audit every six months we provide a valuable opportunity to assess your progress and deliver feedback with solutions that ensure your brand continues to thrive.

Brand Audit

Brand Style

With your brand personality identified, we get to work on pinpointing your brand’s essential visual attributes and tone of voice, to empower all your communications.

Social Roadmap

You know who you are but where are you heading? Your social roadmap is a strategic guide to the types of activities, collaborations, and content suited to your brand, and is an essential tool for PR, digital and social media specialists to work with.

Brand Culture

Your brand culture goes deeper into your core beliefs and how these manifest themselves in the everyday actions of your employees. This also provides the basis for us to work on your environmental branding and social initiatives.

Brand Guidelines

With the design and approval phase signed off, we move on to creating your brand guidelines, delivering a flexible framework of specifications to ensure brand consistency in everything you do.

Mint Express recognizes that today, more than ever, start-ups are under pressure to be agile and up and running in no time. As our specially formulated fast-lane solution, Mint Express gives entrepreneurs the foundations they need to launch their businesses, regardless of how big they are or what stage they’re at, in the shortest space of time.

Fast & Efficient

Cost Efficient

Brand Audit

Our location in Antwork makes us neighbors with progressive thinkers and innovators, start-ups and entrepreneurs. We like to give back to our community, we created the below tailor-made packages. 

Barter Pack

An exchange of services, goods or discounts, tailored to each client.

Talent Borrow

Borrow a Brandmint designer by the hour. Hourly rates designed for the communities punctual needs.

Our Culture

Our culture is all about caring. When you work with Brandmint, we consider ourselves as the guardians of your brand, and we’ll always take a strong interest in its welfare and how it’s faring, even after our job is over. That’s just who we are. We also care about one another, forging a collaborative team atmosphere in which talents are nurtured and tasks are shared. Working in such a company also makes us feel strongly about Brandmint, and drives us to always give our maximum in everything we do.


Raya Nawbar is CEO and co-founder of Brandmint. She has over 18 years of experience and expertise in the field of branding, design and management. Elaborating on Brandmint’s unique offering, she says:

“Basically, we wanted to challenge the traditional branding model, making it more customer-centric. Our years of experience in branding have allowed us to develop our very own brand building framework. This framework is based on our belief that brands are just like people, they have a job to do, a personality, a style and most of all brands have dreams. Using this framework, the team delivers strategic, agile brand roadmaps instead of the traditional, restricting brand guidelines.”

Raya was featured in the 2017 Leading Chief Executive Officer Awards & Most Trusted Chief Executive Officer for Providing Outstanding Business Services in Lebanon.